So what is Weekendinvesting ?

Mi25 subscriptions are now closed ! Mi30 subscriptions are open. Mi20  has also been soft launched to pre-registered users.

New users for all products may kindly fill this Registration Form to express their interest and a mailer will come informing you on updates as and when available.  (please click and fill once)

WeekendInvesting run by Alok Jain is a SEBI registered advisory that uses a systematic, non-emotional and a mechanical investing approach using price momentum and volume to help you run your investment portfolio successfully on Indian equity stocks.

A portfolio of 20 to 50 stocks ( depending on the product) will be run live with you. The focus is on creating long term wealth for the participant using a low churn live portfolio. The participant simply has to follow the portfolio in their own account. This wholesome portfolio approach ensures overall wealth creation for you. One needs to devote precisely 5 minutes a week to their portfolios. This portfolio will complement well with your other investments if any in Equity via Mutual funds, direct investing or PMS investments. Due to the tactical allocation model, the system keeps you safe by shifting monies to Debt during times of deep distress. Details of the products are here.

A new product Mi20 will be launched likely in the month of Feb 2018 that will be geared towards small portfolios with a no frills service at a low cost. Please register at the above link and await further announcements on the same.

Another new product Mi30  has been lauched in Feb 2018 that is geared towards portfolios 10 lacs to 25 lacs approximately with CNX500 stocks as the universe with the same engine as that of Mi25. The main difference will be in the quality and the depth of the stocks .

Please see this document for a Product Comparison between various products.

Besides these products we also run customized products for larger accounts and specific risk profiles. You may reach me at or Tweet @weekendinvestng for more details.